Cultural difference between South Korea and The United States.

Since January of this year, I entered to a US college.
Since then, I experienced many differences from South Korea.

1. In USA grocery stores, they didn't sell drink after midnight.
I went to a grocery store in order to buy some beer. but, they told me that they do not sell drink after midnight.

2. Easy to get drugs.
In South Korea, we never imagine that we can get drug. However, In USA, it wasn't difficult to see the people who are using drugs. Especially marijuana. In my opinion, the reason of this is American people do not consider using drug as serious crime. In South Korea, this is absolutely serious crime.

3.Everybody has a car
In South Korea, For most of young people, they do not have a car. The reason for this is like that.
landscape of South Korea is pretty small. but, we have high density. So, this make South Korea easy to have well organized transportation system. but, there are pros and cons. Instead Korea has well organized transportation system, the states have 50 times bigger landscape. Wherever I go in the USA, I always saw poor transportation system except Minneapolis. Minneapolis , Duluth has the most advanced public transportation in USA.

4.No nightlife.
In South Korea, people often hangout at night. However, I couldn't see that culture in USA. I could see it in Las Vegas. but most of them who were hanging out with their friends were travelers.

5.Much cheaper foods
person per GPD of the US is 2 times higher than South Korea. but, whenever I go to the grocery stores, I feel that almost everything is cheaper than South Korea. Especially meat. the pork is usually 50% cheaper than South Korea. But, Korean restaurants still much cheaper.

6.Living together.
In the states, It wasn't difficult to see the college sweetheart who are living together with their partner.
I think, their parents do not care about it. But if it was South Korea.... parents will get mad or will cry

7.Tip culture.
In South Korea, there's no tip cultures. My one of friends from the US tried to give tips wherever she goes. but, employees didn't accept the tip. Somebody might accept it. but at least, I didn't see it.
So, I don't encourage you to give tip in South Korea. restaurant tip isn't based on the law. However, I saw some restaurant which put tips automatically. I really didn't like it. It makes me feel like they push me to pay tips.

8.Parents who are attending college.
In South Korea, we cannot often see the student who have kids. Because if they get a baby, they have to work to survive with their baby. But, In USA, I just often see the student who already have kids.
I am still wondering where their tuition fee from and where they get money to spend for kids.


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