What can we do to prevent extinction?

Extinction issue and what should we done.

When I was 8 years old, I caught an endangered animal at my grandmother’s farm. It was a newt.
My father told me that I must let it to survive. This story still remaining in my brain.
Throughout history, many kinds of species has been created and extinct by changing of climates , pollution and humanity. What happening to endangered animals? What should we done to protect endangered animals?

Knowing why they are being extinctions is pretty good for us to prevent this problem.
Extinction has been increased by increase of human population. The rate has been significantly increased which is showing that main problem is humanity.over poaching, global warming and destroying of habitat are caused by humanity. If that, what can we do to prevent extinction?

First, we should stop the give birth campaign. Nowadays, The earth became a red ocean due to increase of population. We are surviving by consuming limited resources. The more population increasing, the more resources requisite which mean is If we reduce producing of babies, extinction rate would be reduced also. That’s one of things that we should done to prevent extinction.

Furthermore, We shouldn’t develop the land more. We are developing land rather than clear old  building and build bigger one because of economic effect. While we are developing new land, another species could be extinct. If stop land develop, land prices will increase and young people wouldn't make more babies than now due to increase of living costs. It’s double edged. Because if young people decrease, old people will get less pension or young people will have to pay heavier taxes. In my opinion, if robot replace human, It wouldn’t be the problem anymore.

To sum up, the problem of extinction is strongly linked with increase of human population. And there are two solutions; stop the give birth campaign and stop land develop.
My solutions could seem to be radical. But, these are what we can do ‘NOW’ not future. In the future, there could be some better solutions like space develop. Because decrease population without plan can be disaster to humanity. As we all know, in case of certain religions they tend to make babies a lot. So, If we stop produce babies but, they don't stop, humanity will experience the Dark ages again. I hope this issue could be fixed without big noises.


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