Comparison of small town and big city

Big cities and small towns have some history. Since the industrial revolution, humanity started to settle in specific areas, and this led to urbanization. During the industrial revolution, machines started to replace people. Also it made a lot of jobs in the cities. So people  That’s how population is divided into small towns and big cities. Both have similarities and differences in population, fashion, internet, and paying taxes.

One key difference between small towns and big cities is cost of living. In a big city, because a lot of people live there, housing prices are really more expensive than small towns.(Schober L., 2017) So, people tend to build skyscrapers. On the other hand, we cannot see any skyscrapers in a small town. When I searched on google to buy a house, there was great price gap between big cities and small towns on average. This is a major difference between small towns and big cities.

Another important difference is population. In big cities, a lot of people live there because of job opportunities and convenience. On the other hand, in small towns, not many people live there due to lack of jobs and inconvenience. Also big cities can accommodate lots of people. In big buildings. However, small towns can accommodate just a few people.

However, small towns and big cities also have similarities, such as internet and tax. First, whether we live in big cities or small towns, we can still access the internet. Whether they live in small towns or big cities, internet is a part of the life of people. They all can access information from the internet. Also, they can have conversations with other people who live in other cities. Access to the internet is very important thing to humanity. Some people say “accessing the internet is a right”. So, whether we live in small towns or big cities, we can enjoy equal rights. However, small town’s internet is usually slower than big city’s internet (Strover S., 2018).

Second, whether we live in big cities or small towns, we all have to pay taxes. Since we are a part of a county, we all have to pay the tax. Because, to remain in a country, the government has to gather some money. The government spend money for social community. Such as build buildings, expand roads, help poor people. Whether I live in big cities or small towns, I had to pay taxes. Because they all are part of a country

To sum up, there are lots of differences between small towns and big cities such as cost of living, population. On the other hand, there are also similarities in these areas like opportunity of using internet and paying taxes. Furthermore, I recognized that although there are some similarities, there are still some huge gaps. There are still some huge life quality gaps between small towns and big cities. I think the government should try to reduce these gaps. Which area is fit for your dream of life?


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