Review of the meeff application ( I used meeff for a year)

I used meeff application pretty long time. maybe a year.

When I installed it for language exchange.

We usually add people as friends to make conversations.

Most of people would think that we will improve language skill while we talk.

But, it can't be.

Because they are not specialized teacher. One thing what I realized was no one want to teach as well as they want to learn.

It is a language exchange app. Simultaneously, it is chatting app either.

No one want to break the mood to point out your mistake.

Most of words what you use are you already knew.
You don't either learn new words or write long passage.
So, now you know, language skill wouldn't be improved than before.

If you really want to enhance  your foreign language skill,
You must learn words everyday. (over 30 words with synonyms)

I recommend you buying a vocabulary book.
Calling with them can improve your speaking skill for target language what you want to learn.
To be honestly, the best way to learn a language is going to academy

or memorize foreign words

If you really really want to increase your linguistic ability into meeff,

Try to use the word what you learnt recently.

You know, It's a way when baby learn a language.
You could wrong or something weird, I don't think we can learn something without mistake.
mistaking also part of learn.

However, I still think meeff is more suitable for a person who are looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend rather than learners.

Meeff had created by a korea company named 'NOYESRUN'
In korea pronunciation, that mean is 'slavery' lol

At first time when I installed meeff, I made a setting to match with only women.
I just feel more comfortable when I talk with woman than man.

But  at the end, I was accepting everyone anyway.

For now, my english skill has been improved a lot if compare with the day when I installed meeff.

Well, I am from South Korea. So, there might be some mistakes in my article.

I did all the methods what I mentioned above to enhance my english skill.
In case of my, I didn't read vocabulary books much. I just talked with them.
That's why I couldn't improve my secondary language in the meeff app.

I saw some words in meeff what cannot see in normal situation.
변태 meaning is pervert
꺼져 meaning is fuck of/f
한남 meaning is korean men (This word has a derogatory meaning feminists usually use it)
재기해 meaning is Go to hell
ㅋ~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ meaning is same as lol but, if they use ㅋㅋ really often, it's mean he or she is feeling bored.

and in the meeff, there's a lot of perverts
Most pervert men were korean
Most pervert women were polish

Hmmm I think, half of meeff users are brazilian
long time ago... when 10 min flowed after I started conversation with a brazilian woman, she proposed me.
so I couldn't add them since after that. I was really confused.

In my opinion, I was really hard to add japanese.
because korean guys are adding them every second.
as I know, usually... 100 request / 5 min

Many people using a meeff application to make lover.
I think, it's obviously possible. so don't be hesitate.

I hate meeff app creators.
because they don't care whether server would be shut down or not.
even if there's delay, they don't care. that's a problem.
so you guys should move to another messenger after you guys become intimate with each other.


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